Emigration from Slovakia to North America – Interactive online map

Dear friends of Kasigarda, the Museum of emigration from the territory of Slovakia to North America. Emigration from Slovakia to North America took different forms. It is made up of thousands of people who have decided to seek a better life overseas. Together with my dear friends geographer Miloslav Michalko and genealogist Michal Rázus, we decided to map the fate of our emigrants in an interactive form. We will create a database that, I believe, will tell us a lot about the causes, directions and significance of emigration from Slovakia. So please fill out the online questionnaire, which will bring valuable data about the history of emigration and at the same time contribute to increasing the local patriotism of our compatriots overseas. The questionnaire will be automatically recorded in our online database, which will then be the main source for further analysis. Martin Javor, Kasigarda