Slovak newspapers and magazines in North America

Perhaps the most striking picture of the cultural, political or everyday life of Slovaks in North America are Slovak newspapers and magazines. Some of them had several times more load than newspapers in Slovakia. They were of irreplaceable importance for the life of compatriots, so it is a great pity that de facto they are not published today.

Časopis Ženská Jednota. Passaic 1961

If we had all the Slovak newspapers that had been published on American soil since 1885, we would actually have a very decent library with more than 1,500 volumes, larger or smaller books, including several hundred bold and large volumes. Some after the first issue, others after a few weeks, a large number disappeared after a year, but among them were found so resilient, which came out half a century ago.

Osadné Hlasy. Chicago 1929

It is unbelievable that in Slovakia we have only some of these newspapers and magazines, even incomplete ones. The ambition of Kasigarda – the Museum of Emigration from Slovakia to North America is to obtain as many of these newspapers and magazines as possible in its collections. Our collection is already enriched by some of them. Based on the work of Konstantin Čulen Slovenské časopisy v Amerika, we subjected these newspapers and magazines to analysis. We created a database of 230 newspapers and magazines and assigned them according to focus, periodicity, years of publication or religiosity.

An interactive overview of Slovak newspapers and magazines published in the North America in the period from 1853 to 1957

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