Slovak and Ruthenian churches in North America

Slovak emigrants identified themselves in the new country primarily through faith. It was the Slovak and Ruthenian churches that were the meeting place and the formation of a community that helped maintain Slovak and Ruthenian consciousness.

Slovak Church of St. Michal, Munhall, PA

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Gradually, Slovak and Ruthenian churches were established in most Slovak and Ruthenian communities, mostly in Slovak and Ruthenian associations. An interactive map of Slovak and Ruthenian churches maps Slovak and Ruthenian churches in North America from the 1980s to 1992. Each church shows the year of foundation, the founders and the name of the first priest.

Slovak Evangelical Church of St. Trinity, Little Falls, NY

Since we could not find the year of foundation for some churches, due to the display on the map, we gave these churches the fictitious year of founding the temple in 1992, the same as the source of data from which we drew.

Slovak Greek Catholic Church of St. Nicholas, Perth Amboy, NJ