The seat of the Museum – Harajdova chyža in Ťahyňa

Kasigarda – The Museum of Emigration from Slovakia to North America will be in an American house in Ťahyňa, which I have declared a National Cultural Monument.

It was built in 1892 by Andrei Harajd, who brought money for its construction from America. After building the house, he returned to America, collected money from Slovaks in America and had a temple built for them, directly opposite his house.

His son then went to America with my great-grandfather again. His son had his last wish to be buried in Ťahyňa, which his family fulfilled.

I plan to present the history of Slovaks in North America, as well as everything related to their emigration. So I plan to save the house in Ťahyňa, which is the last preserved in this part of Slovakia.

It is necessary to renovate the foundations of the house, reconstruction of the roof as well as interior rooms. After a complete reconstruction, we plan to install historical artifacts in the museum.