The Emigration from the territory of Slovakia​

The ambition of the Museum of Emigration from Slovakia to North America – Kasigarda is to map the activities of our compatriots in North America. The object of interest is mainly Slovak and Ruthenian associations in North America.

The Membership Card of the Association of Slovak Catholics in America, 1928

The pride of our Museum is the mapping of Slovak and Ruthenian churches in North America. Our big project, in which we have high hopes, is the Interactive Map of Emigration from Slovakia to North America. Here we plan to interview every single emigrant through a questionnaire, the result of which will be a database presented on the interactive map.​

Sealer. Slovak Sokol. New Haven, Connecticut. 1900

The Kasigarda Museum is going to map the cultural and educational activities of our compatriots. A database of Slovak and Ruthenian newspapers and magazines in North America will be the first to be created.

Stained glass window from the Slovak church of St. Michael. Munhall, Pennsylvania, 1921